Ultralife Corporation, the global battery-solution specialist, is a leading developer, manufacturer and wholesaler of a wide range of standard 9-Volt, Hirate ® Cylindrical and Thin Cell ® lithium, lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries. Ultralife has one of the world's most advanced lithium cell and battery packaging configurations and provides tailor-made solutions and production options. Ultralife's leading technology makes the company unique on the market. Elfa supplies Ultralife's special lithium batteries and military batteries in particular.

For more information visit www.ultralifecorporation.com

Thanks to its chemical composition, Ultralife's lithium 9-Volt battery block lasts five times longer than alkaline battery blocks. This battery is characterised by high energy density, low self-discharge, long life and suitability for a broad temperature range.

For more information on Ultralife's 9 Volt battery block click here.

Ultralife's lithium-ion prismatic (rectangular and cylindrical) batteries provide high energy density, high capacity and long lifespan in the most common, light-weight formats without memory effect. Furthermore, the batteries can handle a broad temperature range and are ideal for portable electronics.

For more information on Ultralife's lithium-ion batteries click here.

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Benefits of Elfa

  • 100 years of know-how
  • Always a solution;
    tailoring possible
  • Every big brand
  • In-house production
  • ISO certified


Head Office Elfa United Kingdom:
Elfa Elementenfabriek Ltd.
Dovecote Manor Barns
Leicestershire, DE12 7DB 
T: +44 (0) 1664 250025
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