SETOLITE has its base of operation in Hückeswagen, Germany and is successfully active in the trading of portable lighting. In no time, the company has built up an incredible reputation by providing high quality and professional advice. Furthermore, it has an impressive client base. Many defence clients rely on SETOLITE products. SETO provides a wide range of products for use in spaces in which explosions are a real risk. Special customisation is also an option. Elfa can put you in touch with the company's product developers.

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The success of the Aldebaran 360 Degree Flex Series is based on its high flexibility and the efficient use of ultra-bright LEDs. The option of switching seamlessly between 360 degree lighting and downward focused lighting means the products are suitable for a wide range of applications. The 360 Degree FLEX-LED proves its worth on building sites, during rescue operations or at events.

The system can be readied for use in just a few minutes. Moreover, because of its IP54 protection rating it can be utilised both indoors and out. The integrated, intelligent controls allow you to choose between half (180 degree) and full (360 degree) lighting as well as dimmed. The armature is also equipped with a ring so the product can be hung from, for example, a ceiling.

The Aldebaran 360 Degree Flex Series provides approximately 100,000 lumen. In practice this means that the lamp can illuminate a (round) space measuring approx. 5,000 m² (by mounting a single lamp on a 6-metre high mast system under an angle of around 35 degrees). Up to 5 lux can be achieved in the border area. The unit also provides low operational costs, long lifespan and extremely low energy consumption. Only 960 LED power generates as much light as a comparable 5,000 watt halogen spotlight. Normally, the lamp will never need to be replaced. After 50,000 hours of lighting approximately 80% of the lighting capacity will still be available. Would you like to know more about the Aldebaran 360 Degree Flex Series? If so, click here.

The new SETOLITE Aldebaran 4000A LED has an operating time of a maximum of 40 hours and has wireless control options. Thanks to the application of more advanced lithium-ion technology, the SETO engineers have succeeded in increasing this lamp's light output whilst greatly reducing its charging time. The seamless dimming function allows you to optimally adjust the lighting levels to the specific application you use the product for. Would you like to know more about the Aldebaran 4000A LED? If so, click here.

This high-performance lamp represents the most advanced portable LED technology. The product is robust, almost maintenance free and easy to use. The SETO-Remote-LED-Power-90 (SRLP) has two usage modes:

  • In 'hand mode' the device can be used for portable purposes.
  • In 'tripod mode' it provides ideal lighting for your work area. It comes with two extendable legs that provide stability. Height is individually adjustable.

The lamp's head consists of 30 high-efficiency LEDs that provide brilliant, clear light and this makes it very suitable for illuminating workshops. The lamp's approximately 50,000 hour operating time makes it a multi-purpose, reliable partner. The SRLP 90 distinguishes itself thanks to its impact-resistant, polymer housing. The 4 Quicklock bars enable the lamp to be extended from 820 to 1,800 mm. These unique bars interlock making adjustment easy and guaranteeing a stable structure. The SETO RLP 90 features a pair of extendable legs for additional stability. Would you like to know more about the SETO-Remote-LED-Power-90? If so, click here.

This lighting armature was built in such a way that it shines direct, non-blinding light on work surfaces.

  • Anodised aluminium profile housing
  • Impact-resistant Makrolon cover
  • Unbreakable plastic side covers
  • High light output 2 x 36W TCL = 1 x 500W halogen
  • Limited heat generation
  • Other voltages or power outputs available on request
  • Weight 2.9 kg
  • Dimensions 485 x 145 x 190 mm

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The Aldebaran Spot light YHS spotlights are robust all-rounders. With a slight beam angle of 60 degrees large distances are no problem. The spotlights are optionally available with a beam angle of 90 degrees for illuminating even larger areas. The spotlights have an air balance valve to enable them to respond to changing conditions such as rapidly decreasing temperatures. This prevents condensation forming. Consistent lighting performance guaranteed in other words. A high-performance heat pipe provides optimum cooling to the CREE XB-D LED chips as well as ensuring a long lifespan. Would you like to know more about the Aldebaran Strahler YHS? If so, click here.

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