Renata is a subsidiary of the Swatch Group Ltd from Biel. The company was founded in 1952 as a mechanical watch components manufacturer. Inside a couple of years it became a leading producer and supplier of coin cell batteries for watches and many electronics product groups (medical technology, RFID, remote control, light measurement, etc.).

Renata truly is the Swiss Power Source

  • Market leader in production technology for coin cells
  • One of the three largest coin cell battery manufacturers on the planet
  • Continuous process improvement in order to exceed the high quality clients expect In close cooperation with clients
  • Renata develops and manufactures innovative, affordable, environmentally-friendly, high-quality solutions for wristwatches and industrial applications
  • Renata has set an industry benchmark with its new concept and the excellent quality of the 0% mercury silver oxide coin cells.

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The range of applications has expanded exponentially since 1982, when Renata launched the industrial production and supply of lithium batteries. Renata lithium batteries are currently utilised in the computer, automotive, telecom and medical industries and in an increasing number of portable devices. Renata lithium batteries meet the highest quality requirements and provide excellent reliability.

Renata's extensive range of over 40 different silver oxide coin cells provides a suitable power source for many electronic devices that require ultra-compact, long-life, low-voltage power. Thanks to the ingenious sealing process, the cells are extremely leak proof.

Renata's range of over 100 different types of coin cells with lip enables a huge variety of PC Board mounting options. The lips' soldering area guarantees excellent connection to the PCBs. Alongside the standard range, Renata can provide tailor-made versions. Contact Elfa to discuss your needs.

Renata has recently started providing a new line of products: Lithium Ion Polymer batteries. The range will be expanded with more dimensions and capacity will be increased if there proves to be demand and production is feasible.

Renata provides the widest range of encapsulated 3 V Lithium batteries. These Power Modules are available in both a horizontal and vertical design with or without decoupling diodes. Encapsulated batteries are hermetically sealed which makes them very suitable for application under tough conditions i.e. outdoors.

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