Elfa UK provides energy for leisure

Galax-E is the new range of batteries manufactured by Elfa UK.

Since beginning of August, Elfa UK is offering a range of batteries manufactured with leisure-applications as purpose. The Galax-E is produced to handle all the demands from yachts, motorhome, holiday homes and RV's perfectly.

With holidays just behind us we look back on one of the hottest summer ever, great for leisure, not so great for the batteries providing energy in motorhomes, yachts and holiday homes. These kind of weather conditions are usually quiet demanding for batteries. Traditional lead-acid batteries "dry out" quicker and discharge easier than otherwise. 

When lead-acid batteries are left uncharged, less space for the active material becomes available in the battery and thuss the capacity drops. This is a common problem and reversable when the battery is fully charged and discharged again. However, if the battery is not loaded with a fully saturated charge, the lead-sulfate will crystalize and become permanent. This drasticly shortens the life of the battery.

Galax-E uses Dri-lyte ®  technology to prevent the batteries from drying out. The earlier described process will simply be inverted by giving the battery a fully saturated charge and it's ready for use again. This makes it perfect for applications where the battery is left unused for longer periods of time. By using this technology, the Galax-E will still be functional after standing uncharged for up to two years!

In total the Galax-E can be used for up to 1500 cycles or 18 years. The temperature range of the Galax-E goes from -40°C to +60°C, so the required tolerances for usage in leisure-application is easily covered.

Not only the durability of the Galax-E is outstanding, it's also made out of 99% recyclable materials. There is less lead used, no cadmium and no antimony in the Galax-E. This way the impact on enviroment is minimised.

The Galax-E is NCC verified, download the Certificate of Battery Verification here.

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