What is a light bulb?


A light bulb consists of a vacuumed or with glass-filled glass bulb with a filament. When power flows through the filament, this will glow and emit light. There are various bulb types for different applications. Which bulb type will be used depends on the kind of gas is added to it. In general, we speak of three types of bulbs: the ‘normal’ (krypton) bulb, halogen bulb and xenon bulb.

  • Krypton bulbs: 90 to 95 percent of the power this light bulb uses is converted into heat. This means that only 5 to 10 percent of the energy is actually transformed into light. A light bulb is net very efficient and have a lifetime of approximately 1.000 hours.
  • Halogen bulbs: A halogen lamp is a type of light bulb that gives extra lighting thanks to the extra halogen gas it contains. This bulb type will also last longer compared to a krypton bulb and consumes up to 30% less energy for some applications. Halogen bulbs are more expensive to purchase, because they have a higher light output and an excellent colour reproduction. Furthermore, the performance of halogen bulbs is constant over their entire lifetime and is often smaller compared to regular light bulbs.
  • Xenon bulbs: Within xenon lighting bulbs gas is ignited. This will result in 3 times more light output compared to the regular halogen lighting bulbs. After approximately 2.500 hours of operation, the light output will be about 70%, which still is more compared to a good halogen lamp.
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