Maintenance-free battery by Elfa

Elfa elementenfabriek

If you are looking for maintenance-free batteries, Lead Crystal batteries are a logical choice. Not only do they need absolutely no maintenance, their battery life is incredibly long. The battery does not contain any fluids, and therefore is a green and safe alternative to conventional battery types.

About Lead Crystal

The fact that Lead Crystal batteries are maintenance free batteries is not the only privilege of using this type of batteries, there are lots of more pro's that count. If your replace your old battery by a maintenance-free battery, you have a battery that:

  • Is always a maintenance-free battery
  • Is environmental friendly
  • Is safer than conventional batteries
  • Delivers high performance
  • Charges extremely fast
  • Can be fully decharged

More information

If you desire further information about our maintenance-free batteries, or generally about Lead Crystal batteries, or would like to order batteries directly, please visit our website.