Something different from your lead gel battery

Elfa elementenfabriek

If you are looking for an alternative for your lead gel battery, we have one. Lead Crystal batteries have better technical properties than a lead gel battery or lead battery of any kind. The battery life of Lead Crystal batteries is a lot longer than that of other batteries, therefore you will not have to replace your batteries in a very long time.

What is new?

Besides a longer battery life, Elfa's Lead Crystal batteries have other properties that distinguishes them from ordinary batteries. Lead Crystal batteries have a higher performance level, and are suitable for extreme (outdoor) temperatures.

  • Can handle extreme temperatures
  • Have a life span that is up to four times as high as regular batteries
  • Can be almost fully recycled
  • Can be stored up to two years without charging
  • Perform better
  • Environmental friendly
  • Safe (because there are no fluids involved)


If you'd like more information on why Lead Crystal batteries are a better alternative for conventional lead gel batteries, please visit our website.