Do you need a new lead battery? We offer a better alternative

Elfa elementenfabriek

If you need to replace your lead batteries, it is wise to look for a possible better alternative. Lead Crystal batteries have better technical properties than a lead battery or lead gel battery of any kind. The battery life of Lead Crystal batteries is a lot longer than that of other batteries, therefore you will not have to replace your batteries in a very long time.

What is new?

Besides a longer battery life, Elfa's Lead Crystal batteries have other properties that distinguishes them from ordinary batteries. Lead Crystal batteries have a higher performance level, and are suitable for extreme (outdoor) temperatures.

  • Can be almost fully recycled
  • Environmental friendly
  • Safe (because there are no fluids involved)
  • Can handle extreme temperatures
  • Can be stored up to two years without charging
  • Perform better
  • Have a life span that is up to four times as high as regular batteries


If you are curious and want to know more about why Lead Crystal batteries are a better alternative to lead batteries, please visit our website.